What Should You Look For in a Pavement Company?

Paving not only protects and prevents damage, but it also saves you from frequently putting your hard-earned money into costly repairs of concrete surfaces. If installed properly, paving can last up to 20+ years, requires less maintenance, and give an aesthetically pleasing look to your home.

To get all these benefits, it is crucial to select the best pavement company. To avoid being scammed, there are certain factors that you should cross-check before making a decision. Here are 7 things you should look for in a paving contractor.

Professional Crew & Best Tools:

You can know how good a company is through its crew and the equipment. Pay close attention to how they communicate their working order and the tools they use. Experienced professionals fully clear the customer’s doubts about the process, materials, and equipment. Through this, you can easily determine if they are competent to handle all the tasks well and deliver quality work.

Material Selection & Supplier

Every homeowner wants their driveway or walkway to look incredible for decades. It can only look best if the material used is solid and durable. Many companies don’t use quality materials to cut costs and maximize profit. Thus, it is essential to ensure that the materials used are from a well-known and certified company.

Another critical aspect that helps your surface to last longer is material application.

To calculate the appropriate asphalt depth for a parking lot, the paving contractor must study your property and how you want to use the surface. A driveway requires a full-depth asphalt surface. A typical job would need 4 inches of recycled concrete blend aggregate and 2 inches of asphalt. Keep in mind that commercial-grade asphalt lasts longer than residential-grade asphalt; you can request it if you want long-lasting results.

Strong Reference

A good paving company not only talks about their work but shows it too. They know that previous projects similar to yours can easily convince you to opt for their services.

References are proof that they are capable of carrying out the project efficiently. If the company hasn’t shared any former references with you, do not hesitate to ask for them.

Are they Insured?

Another necessary question to ask is whether or not the asphalt contractor is insured.

If not, your homeowner insurance will be used. And if an accident occurs or a worker is injured on your site, your premiums may double or even triple for years to come. So, to avoid these extra costs, ask and verify the contractor’s insurance policy.

Accurate & Reasonable Quote

Do you know that you might have to bear the costs of materials purchased by the asphalt paving contractor that don’t even get used in the project?

Only a professional company can give you an accurate bill of quantities determining the costs of material plus labour after measuring your site. Sometimes contractors overestimate just to be safe; however, the burden comes on your shoulders. To save yourself from being scammed, simply ask for quotes from at least 2 or 3 paving companies. That way, you can compare the quantity of the material required as well as the market rates.

Written Contract

Once you have thoroughly evaluated the best paving company, it is time to sign a written contract. A written document fully specifies the scope of the work so that no misunderstandings occur later on. It lays out the details and expected results of the project agreed upon by both parties before starting the work.

If the paving company is hesitant to have a written contract, don’t risk investing your money with them. Start searching again.

Option for a Down Payment

It is recommended to discuss the down payment option with the service provider and pay the amount specified in the written contract.

One of the primary reasons why so many people prefer paved surfaces is that they are less expensive to maintain and last for a long time. The best pavement company can properly engineer the project, providing you with an excellent long-term driveway at the best possible price. You just need to take time, do thorough research and select your paving contractor.

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