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The tar and chip driveway is an affordable and long-lasting way to ensure that driveways, sidewalks, and access roads are fit for purpose. The particular design determines the optimal combination of both tar & chip. If you’re looking for a tar and chip contractor near me in Ontario, BMC Paving guarantees quality services in Ontario. It’s safe, well-built, durable and high for all domestic as well as commercial customers.



What is the Tar and Chip driveway?

The tar and chips driveway surfaces are made by covering hot bitumen, also known as asphalt, with stone aggregate. This beautiful & versatile surface has been the backbone of driveways and roads for centuries. Also known as tar & granite, tar & chip, tar & stone, chip & seals, tar bonds and seal chip. These are durable, require less maintenance, and are cheaper than many other pavement options.


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These are primarily used to repave areas such as driveways and homeowner’s streets. When preparing to install a tar & chip driveway, the material is usually placed on an existing concrete or asphalt base, a tar and chip finish is applied, and pressure laminated onto a bituminous tar surface. These driveways are the best alternative to asphalt & block pavements for their impressive, durable and natural finish.

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How to build a driveway?

We all know that the driveway needs a solid foundation. The aggregate mixed floor is packed and covered with a hot bitumen that acts as a sealant for the roadbed at the excavation site. The stone aggregate is spread on melted sticky asphalt, and heavy rollers push the stone pieces firmly into the bitumen floor. In many cases, you will find that you are laying a new tar & chip surface on top of the existing driveway. In this case, remove the debris and fill the hole. Careful preparation is always essential therefore hiring a professional is always the best option.

Is drainage necessary for tar and chip?

In compliance with current building regulations, you need to have evidence of proper drainage. Since the surface of tar and chips is impermeable (water cannot pass through the bitumen layer), a surface water conduit should be provided. But that doesn’t mean flushing public drains.

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Benefits of Tar & Chip

  • Cheaper solution: It is the cheaper method to pave your surface. This is why most homeowners and businesses in areas choose tar and chip for their driveways.
  • It can often be used to repave an existing driveway: If the structure is good enough, there is no need to demolish and remove old driveways or roads before repaving.
  • More traction: In cold and humid climates, the concrete is very slippery. Tar and chip driveways or parking lots are coarser and provide more traction to prevent accidents.
  • Seal coating: These driveways do not need to be seal coating for years. You will love the fact that you don’t have to reseal your new driveway. Standard paved asphalt surfaces should be reapplied with an asphalt sealant coating every 5-7 years.
  • Turn a gravel road into a new smooth surface: Tar and chip driveway in Ontario can turn a bumpy, dusty dirt road into a new flat, paved surface. First, you need to dig a standard driveway or road and build a new base properly.

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The driveway-related benefits of tar & chip are the great combination of being cheap and aesthetic. If you need a sturdy and reliable driveway that doesn’t look ugly, then don’t waste your time and money; Tar & Chip are the way to go.

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