Professional Paving Services:

From eliminating liability problems to creating new parking lots and driveways, our paving division is in a unique position to meet all your paving needs.

What Makes Our Services Unique

There are good reasons why we have been selected as one of the best pavement, sidewalk, driveway repair and concrete service providers for years. With over 35 years of experience, we excel in providing commercial pavement solutions and asphalt services. Not only do we offer a complete replacement of high-quality pavement, but we also strive to provide preventive maintenance of parking lots, extending the life of the flooring and reducing costs. In addition, we minimize disturbance and work in stages so that your customers, delivery drivers, and employees can stay undisturbed.

Over 35 years of paving & concrete experience in Kitchener, Waterloo & Cambridge


Our Services

We strongly believe that happy customers are the best advertisements, so we want them to be 100% satisfied with our work.


Asphalt Services

Maintaining a parking lot for your property is essential. Whether you run an apartment community or a shopping mall, the well-kept parking lot adds curb charm and minimizes the risk of accidental injury. By filling the cracks and sealing the parking lot, you can extend the life of the flooring and reduce the cost of replacing the parking lot.


Commercial Paving

Our goal at BMC Paving is to provide high-quality commercial asphalt work for the first time and make our customers happy every time! Placing the asphalt clean and correct will bring a smile to your face and wallet. From quote to finish, our team members are assigned to you at every stage until the work is completed and you become another satisfied customer.


Concrete Services

As a rigid material, concrete is the best material for most dumplings, loading docks and sidewalks, as it can withstand loads and provide smooth, rigid edges. In addition to new sidewalks and cushioning materials, we also offer a full menu of concrete repair and replacement services for every situation.

Asphalt roller stacking and pressing hot asphalt.

Industrial Paving

We are proud to announce that, along with certified engineers, we have the right equipment to serve industrial paving needs. No matter how big your space is, our experienced professionals have years of industry experience to provide you with the best services. Either it’s large-scale warehouse space, or you need a full-sized industrial lot for your facility; no job is too big for us.


Tar & Chip Installation

Tar & Chip are often a combination of stone and asphalt. A gravel-like foundation is spread evenly throughout the paved area, and hot liquid asphalt is poured to act as a sealant and adhesive. Whether you need paving or repaving, If you need a professional flooring contractor for tar and chip installation projects, visit BMC Paving.

No job is too big or too small for
BMC Paving.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

From new pavement projects to asphalt patching, we ensure that our skilled professionals work professionally and quickly. You can trust that we know how to deal with almost any problem that arises during a paving project as we have completed many projects. If you have any problems with the services we provide, feel free to contact us to work with us to ensure that the problem has been resolved. Our services include leveling and pavement, foundation excavation and complete preparation, milling, restoration, patchwork, installation of concrete sidewalks and patios, demolition, replacement and installation of granite curbs and asphalt barriers, and more.

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