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When a homeowner calls a pavement contractor to inquire about their services, they’re usually looking for information about driveway installation or repair. This is true in the vast majority of cases. Driveways are a common feature of any home, after all – and no matter what your driveway is made of, it will eventually fall into disrepair and require attention.

But driveways aren’t the only reason why people reach out to a local pavement contractor. In fact, there are several other common paving projects that contractors often handle for homeowners. If you’ve been wondering whether you should look for a professional to handle that “non-driveway” paving project, take a look at these four common projects.

1. Walkways

Walkways are easily the second-most important paved surface for most homeowners, after the driveway. Most people have a paved walkway leading from the driveway to the front door, for example – and in most cases, there are multiple walkways leading to multiple entrances. These are very important structures to the aesthetic and the safety of your home, and they need to be done correctly the first time around.

2. Retaining walls

Retaining walls don’t really qualify as “pavement,” but they are often built from materials used by paving specialists, such as brick pavers and concrete. That’s why good pavement contractors are often the most skilled retaining wall specialists as well.

3. Drainage systems

There are a wide variety of drainage systems to help homeowners manage the flow of water around the home and surrounding landscape. This is more useful and important than many people realize, especially in areas with excessive amounts of rain and snow throughout the year. When you look at how these drainage systems are actually built, you’ll find that many of them require some form of pavement, or combination of elements used by pavement companies. Again, hiring a company that has mastered various forms of paving is often the best way to reach the highest standards in drainage systems for your property.

4. Sporting surfaces

Building your own basketball or tennis court is something many people believe is out of reach, but the reality is that more and more Americans are looking to build their own private sporting surfaces. It can be a valuable amenity to have as a part of your home, both in terms of lifestyle and market appeal. The challenge is getting it right. Sporting surfaces require precision paving with the right materials, and in the correct dimensions. This kind of paving project definitely calls for an experienced and skilled pavement expert.

Making the right call

It’s still highly likely that your driveway will be the reason why you contact a pavement specialist – but no matter what the nature of your project happens to be, quality and professionalism matter. There is simply no substitute for the training and skill of an experienced pavement contractor, and this will be evident throughout the process, from discussing your project and developing your plans to signing off on the final result, and seeing your paved surface perform better than expected as the years pass.

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