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We offer a wide range of concrete surfaces for installation or repair. If you are seeking concrete prices in Ontario, we can provide you with a free quote for repairs or installation for your concrete surfaces.

We work with businesses and residential clients to provide ongoing concrete services that will help you improve your business or home. With the help of our concrete service, we can make sure that you have the proper place to park, to enjoy your patio and more. Whether you need a walkway installed, retaining walls or a top quality driveway repair, we are ready to help.

Belgian Block

Are you looking for concrete contractors Kitchener that can provide Belgian Block paving services? If so, rest assured you are at the right place! We specialize in custom-designed patios, driveways, and pathway installations. 

Professionally installed new driveways can improve the appearance of your property along with increasing its overall value. We at BMC Paving have years of experience in delivering the perfect tailored pathways and concrete driveway Kitchener. Our certified experts work with our clients to thoroughly understand their specific requirements and need to offer a wide range of options to choose from.

Long-lasting results with Belgian blocks

Block pavement is an excellent solution to your patio and driveway problems. With low maintenance and an affordable paving solution, you can achieve lasting results you’re your spaces. In addition, block paving is versatile, you can adjust the design to suit the uniqueness of your style properties.

Why do you need professional help?

Add a classy look to your patio or driveway to make your property more attractive and add market value. As concrete and paving experts, we have the proper knowledge and latest equipment to give a professional finish with high-quality products. Therefore, you should seek a concrete contractor, Kitchener like BMC Paving, for Belgian Block paving services in Kitchener, Waterloo & Cambridge. You do not need to worry about “concrete driveway cost Ontario” as we will provide you with the best quote. 

Belgian Block is an ideal solution for:

  • Belgian block curbing: Curbing creates a sophisticated look almost in every space. It is durable, versatile, and you can use it in the most demanding situations.
  • Belgian Block edging: Edging with Belgian Block produces special effects in any garden or landscape scenario.
  • Belgian block paver: Paver is a beautiful and very durable addition. Wherever they are used, they are permanent solutions.
  • Driveways with Belgian blocks: To create beautiful, unique, and permanent driveways, consider creating with Belgian blocks. Adding a neat row of Belgian blocks on either side of the paved driveway makes the curb more attractive.


Brick pavers

 Walls: Enhance the beauty of your space by building walls with Belgian blocks for privacy or containment.

  • Steps with Belgian blocks: A superb way to emphasize the entrance to your business or home. 
  • Brick pavers

    No doubt, nothing can beat the timelessness and elegance of brick pavers. Bricks & stones can enhance the natural landscape of the house and bring a tranquil atmosphere to the courtyard with winding sidewalks and patios. Brick pavers are an excellent way to update and create pavements around your home or an excellent way to cut down yearly maintenance.

    Pavement materials are generally twice as expensive as concrete, but the concrete prices in Ontario can be balanced because there is no risk of cracks; therefore, replacement is not required. Regular maintenance of the pavement includes stable unit replacement, electrical cleaning and resetting of joints. This means that it has minimal impact on assets and is less repetitive than concrete or asphalt pavement, which requires annual sealing.

    Brick pavers are an ideal solution for:

    • Driveway Borders: Save space and strengthen driveways, sidewalks, or patios with brick pavement edging (paving tape). The most common is 1-2 feet, width around the existing patio, concrete driveway Cambridge Ontario, or sidewalk. Regardless of the actual surface (e.g., concrete or asphalt), you can use paving materials for classy yet economical expansion.
    • Steps & Stoops: Existing concrete can be extended and covered with pavement without the cost of replacing existing concrete stoops.
    • Patio: Create a beautiful backyard space to entertain guests and relax with your home privacy. We can design illuminated pillars, seat walls, garden walls, garden grills, pools or fire decks.
    • Sidewalk: Replacing old stabilized concrete for pavement creates a continuity between the beautiful landscape of the house and the cozy interior. Give us a call to know about concrete pad costs in Ontario.
    • Retaining wall: Supports gardens to keep them in place and helps avoid erosion.

      Retaining Wall Construction

      Retaining walls are an essential element of excavation and preparation, regardless of the materials used. Retaining walls are intended to keep the slope in place, secure the ground, and protect the adjacent space below. 

      Why do you need to hire BMC Paving’s experts?

      Few retaining walls are larger and more complex than others, so they require some experience and even a little bit of engineering. In other cases, less engineering, more elbow grease, or larger equipment is required. Drainage and soil composition are two other main factors.  Either your retaining wall is meant for shoring up your backyard, edging a garden, or as the main wall to your driveway, the better the attention to its construction & design, the more it will be durable.

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