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The Best Commercial Asphalt Paving Contractors In Cambridge, Ontario

Take your commercial space or home to the next level with BMC Paving, one of the best-integrated foundations based in Ontario. We have been established in the paving industry to provide the best block paved driveways and parking spaces to meet the needs of our customers. We are happy to serve our clients as they are amazed by their results on an affordable budget.


Expert Paving Contractors

We offer a wide range of services, including removing existing gardens and driveways, installing concrete slabs, subfloors, and block paving. Proprietary cleaning and maintenance services are guaranteed. We guarantee you that your project is in safe hands when you choose us.

BMC Paving performs detailed excavation work with small and efficient machines that can work efficiently even in a small space. Small drilling services are our specialty and are committed to providing customized solutions to meet your needs. We excavate and dig out the driveway up to 5-6 inches to provide a strong base.

Whether you are a small business or a large company, we can create a unique, attractive, and striking look for your commercial pavement project. We have experience, creativity, technical expertise, knowledge, and a solid track record of successful commercial projects like churches, schools, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and much more. We take pride in providing installation, design expertise, and high-quality artistry to projects of all sizes

The Professionals You Are Looking For

Our technical engineers have been providing commercial asphalt pavement services for many years. We provide comprehensive services such as asphalt pavement, asphalt repair, parking lot pavement, multi-story car park repair, and parking lot expansion. 

After all the inspiration, investment, and planning, finding the best installer is essential. Because you will rely on their advice, BMC paving Contractors are professionals with a reputation for providing high-quality work at affordable prices.

Our services include block pavement, driveway and terrace installation and supply services throughout Ontario. A team of highly trained, customer-oriented, professional staff works closely with you at every stage of your work to ensure that you are delighted.

We can work with existing designs specifications, or if you wish, we can make bespoke solutions to complement your environment. If you are looking for a traditional design or a modern look, we can help you realize your dream project.

Contact our team today for more information about commercial paving services in Cambridge area and beyond.

What You Should Know

Removing and replacing asphalt requires a significant amount of excavation. Old asphalt must be removed and recycled. Our team finishes many road surfaces and can complete your project quickly and effectively without disrupting your daily work. Removal of black top is our specialty. Contact us now for more information on removing old asphalt and replacement, or for consultation schedules.

An excellent asphalt installation starts with a horizontal, compact, properly sloping and sturdy base. This means that the base of the asphalt pavement, whether on a driveway or in a commercial parking lot, must have adequate drainage channels to prevent water damage. With the right drilling equipment, a professional team like BMC Paving asphalt contractors can compress the soil and flatten it perfectly for proper drainage.

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We offer free consultation visits, including complete design and planning services. Our team of experts will gladly provide you proper guidance to help you achieve the best possible results that you want. Whatever your budget, discuss your options and we will provide you a comprehensive plan that will not meet your requirements but exceed your expectations. Feel free to contact us for a fair quote and perfect commercial paving service.

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