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If you are in need of asphalt services to suit your home or business, we can help with a wide range of projects for your needs. As one of the top paving companies in Kitchener, we can help with professional paving and repairs that can help outfit you with a driveway, patio or walkway. 

We specialise in complete asphalt installation such as building parking lots, laneways, resurfacing and repairs. We can help with projects like speed bump installations, creating pavement areas or extending your current pavement. With our 35 years of experience in the paving industry we provide highly efficient and honest work and we are working to provide the best in customer satisfaction in our paving solutions which are truly built to last


Expert Paving Contractors In Cambridge, Ontario

Our Services Include:

  • Asphalt seal coating: Replace the seal of your asphalt coating and prepare for the winter season today. We can help you protect your asphalt from the weather and protect your investment now.
  • Asphalt milling: Professional asphalt milling services will keep your asphalt level and properly graded. If you are experiencing cracks in your asphalt, contact us today for professional support.
  • Asphalt resurfacing: Professional asphalt resurfacing in Cambridge can keep your lot or driveway looking its best. Contact us for complete resurfacing to improve your hardscaping.
  • Crack filling: Our professional asphalt repair and crack filling can help you enjoy better quality pavement and reduce the amount of potholes in your home driveway or business.
  • Driveway paving: Our regular driveway paving services will keep your driveway at its best including support for grading, levelling, sealing and more.The driveway is one of the most critical sections of the house, and commercial spaces are badly under regular use. Creating a paved driveway or block paved is generally the best option to ensure a long driveway life.
  • Parking lot paving: We complete full paving solutions for parking lots, warehouses and more. If you have a large scale lot that needs paving or resurfacing, contact us today.

What Makes Our Services Different

We remain highly responsive in all of our service calls and we are dedicated to offering the best in services to suit the needs of our clients. We are regularly improving our services and the materials and equipment that we use to offer more to our clients as well. 

We have experience in residential settings, commercial settings and working with property managers for large scale building projects. As preferred paving contractors for the Cambridge area, we are able to offer responsive services of a high degree of quality for your needs!

exceed your expectations. Feel free to contact us for a fair quote and perfect commercial paving service.

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